Company Services



We design various landscapes in accordance with our clients’ briefs..

Our creativity with natural elements brings about a warm and beautiful ambiance.

We are involved in the development of landscape design schemes or layouts.

We have developed capacity to physically actualise design proposals.


Orchard Planting:

We undertake medium large scale maintenance retainership.

We have all required horticultural equipment and tools to maintain gardens and landscapes..

We supply and plant various kinds of fruit species like mango, almond, guava, coconut, oil palm,

the citrus family (lemon, sweet orange, lime, tangerine etc). The list is endless.


Indoor Gardening:

This is the beautification of homes with potted plants (standing, hanging, or creeping). We use containers such as clay, plastic or concrete pots to achieve this.

We use different types of appropriate chemical products to control different plant diseases, pests,

and soil nematodes that hinder growth of plants and fruit trees.


We offer consultancy such as project supervision and quality control.

We also offer staff recruitment/training for companies that have in-house gardening department. .